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There's already a possibility to, as admin, remove all chat messages from a user. People who spam the same message over and over will most likely not have said anything else anyway, instead joining the chat for the sole purpose of spamming. Therefore there's only a small chance that other messages that should've been kept there will get lost. So I'd say the option that already exists is a good enough solution ^^

This sounds brilliant! And the original idea as well, of course. Say you've accepted someone for your team (that has a club), it might be faster to invite them to your club. Though maybe a limit on how many invites can be sent out per day by the owner of the club? 5 or something? 

This, exactly. While it may be nice to say that you are in 2018 for example in topics, it's not required in order to write. WoP would eventually get to 2080, way sooner than us, and we just can't write that accurately because we'll be way behind on that year IRL. 

Great idea! Sometimes I don't want to see the chat at all when I log in for various reasons, but then it is there, and when I click it away I see something in the chat while I really did not want to see anything :')

"The Ministry of Magic classifies them as XXXXX, known wizard killers that are impossible to train or domesticate." I feel like dragon pets would be a little bit unrealistic for that reason.. 

Hmm, I don't think this is a really good idea.. it'll take way longer for everything to be graded.. Instead, I think there should be some way to prevent homework from being copied, on wattpad for example you can't select the text of something you're reading if I recall correctly. Maybe it could be that way when grading homework as well? 

YEEES please! I always forget stuff if I've accidentally clicked it or marked it as read :') This would be really useful for owls too, hahaha

It seems to work fine now, on multiple accounts :D

Oh yeah, I know what you mean! When I was a librarian I worked with tables in the 'personnel at the school' book, in the editor it looks fine, the way a table should look, and on the page itself it still looks fine, just the borders are invisible, like you said :/

Sorry, but my e-mail is seriously getting spammed with links to similar topics now.. I don't think it's that useful to link it when the linked post is half a year younger and we don't have the power to merge it anyway..