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I'm all for the captain and co-captain status. The symbol would be cool too, as long as it doesn't give away the position of the player :)

Yes! And a quick overview where you can see which subjects are still awaiting grading :)

What about adding user statistics in this? They're similar :)

Yes, but this is like an upgrade of that, since it doesn't only shown achievement progress, but also fun facts..

Hm, thought I heard somewhere that you did.. My mistake, then

Maybe a wand with green sparks shooting up for a like? These could be used on FB posts and people's statuses/topic replies, if it becomes possible that people can comment on SoMe posts without a facebook account :)

It's very hard for some people to submit homework or write in general. It should also be possible for them, and by submitting homework, they can improve on this.

Yes! This is a really good one!

Like this, so that you have to both agree to the trade, and you can trade an item for an item (or galleons) and meanwhile be sure that the other person won't keep your item yet won't trade you theirs?

By doing the riddle/anagram every day and grading homework you will earn quite a lot of galleons. Grading usually takes 1-5 minutes, and it earns you 5 galleons. You can also get a student job on the site or apply for a teacher job whenever it is available :)