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Brilliant idea, absolutely brilliant! Perhaps some ambience noises too, like Pottermore used to have..closing books, shuffling of papers?

Maybe homework could get deleted after being in the archive for 1,5-2 months, otherwise it might be a bit too much for the site. I recently came across copied homework, of which I saw the original assignment about a week ago, so it's possible for people to save assignments and then submit a copy (disgusting tbh), but I think 1,5-2 months should be okay? :)

Exactly! That method is impossible. We can't expect all users to do that! I know someone whose homework has been copied twice today, and there's no way that the AT/teacher can check it now. This might result in people who copy getting away easily.

YES! This explains it perfectly. I would absolutely LOVE this.

YES! I have loved Alchemy for ages and it would be SO cool to learn about it here, too!

Great idea, but wouldn't this give the prefects a lot more work? IC, people aren't allowed to be in the forbidden forest, and don't prefects have to reply to that? A lot of students will go in there just for fun. Just what I think :)

But show edit history, so that you can't just change the text to something completely different without anyone knowing what happened :D

Grading has a positive effect for everyone. You get your grade back faster and the graders are less bored and can help out their houses by earning the points. I don't think limiting the grading would be a good idea, there would only be more waiting for everyone. Yes, first years can grade a little less this way, but allowing them to grade more would only result in bad things - most of them don't know how grading works yet and you have to wait longer to get your grade back

It is a great idea, but a lot of people would use this for evil, posting pictures that are against the rules. :(

It does go straight to the AT if there are varying grades, but homework which should get the grade Troll has to be discussed with other people first, which is why it takes longer. No one can be online all the time, so it might take a bit before the discussion is finished :) So it actually is handled really well, it just takes a little longer