Harry Potter Music on Menu/Forums

Chloe Lovegood 7 years ago updated by Kim 4 years ago 7

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Harry Potter Music on Menus/Forums

This would allow for a more immersive experience, if there are no copyright problems. The Harry Potter music could play everywhere but profiles so as to stop the risk of clashing with VIP user's music. The music could also correspond to the area you are. Below are some examples of score pieces linking to forum areas:

  • The Menu- "Prologue by John Williams".
  • Diagon Alley- "Diagon Alley/ The Gringotts Vault by London Voices".
  • Great Hall- "Entrance to the Great Hall by London Voices".
  • Quidditch Pitch- "The Quidditch Match by John Williams".
  • The Hogwarts Express- "Leaving Hogwarts by John Williams".
  • The Owlery- "Hedwigs Theme song"

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Yes that would be a great immersive experience!


Brilliant idea, absolutely brilliant! Perhaps some ambience noises too, like Pottermore used to have..closing books, shuffling of papers?


That would be an amazing option, especially if a "sound off" button was applied for users who don't want to hear the effects. But I would love this idea- it worked amazing on Pottermore


Was it declined because of a copyright problem or something else?

Yes! But WITH a sound off button on the page.