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This has been completed by now ^^ Thanks ♥

YES! I have a weekly post which sometimes makes people submit last names from WoP users, but I have to of course check if they really are on WoP, and I keep having to ask for their first names

I'm usually not really a fan of creating even more WoPs, but this one could be a very good idea. People from Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, you name it, speak French. Plus, France is huge! Yaelle's reasoning is good too, we should give everyone a shot at discovering this site. ;)

+ Honeywater
+ Nousebleed Nougat

+ Love Potion (possibly)

+ Owl Forage for the people that have got quite a different taste

+ Dead Flies for those very same people

+ Cat Food for, unsurprisingly, those same people

Exactly, this sentence confuses me too. And I think a lot of people are actually giving lower grades because of this, because they think the reward will be in the form of an O!

Yes, this would be so useful!!

Patronuses aren't taught in the third year yet. On EU, the patronus lesson only seems to be in the seventh year. Just look at the description: "It is an immensely complicated and extremely difficult spell that evokes a partially-tangible positive energy force known as a Patronus," I don't think third years can cast this yet. 

Also, some people may want to choose their own patronus. Tests aren't always accurate and they may get a result they're very unhappy with.

By adding another site, they'd be dividing people even more. I feel like, eventually, there will be too many sites, and sites like EU will become quieter, which causes people to leave. No one likes quiet sites. It would, of course, be wonderful for Spanish-speaking people, but I feel like all these new sites may have a negative effect in the long run... 

True but there are colours that are still students top: prefects, plot team, librarian, and so on ^^