Creativity reward for homework

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This would be a box that a grader can tick while grading an assignment. The text would say "creative", and it can be ticked whenever the grader feels that the student was really creative in their work.

I know some lessons here on the site state that creativity will be rewarded (which it can't, you have to give an O if all requirements are met, regardless of creativity), but that is a false promise. But this option would make it real.

How would this work, you might ask? Per grader that ticks the "creative" box, the student who made the homework receives 2 galleons. So if 2 people tick the box, the student would get 4 galleons, and if all 5 people tick the box, the student would receive 10 galleons.

This is a fun way to promote being creative while making homework. People like having money - who doesn't? - and by putting a little more effort into your homework, you can earn some!

With the creativity box, people who are creative with their homework will not earn any extra house points. I left those out on purpose because a lot of people like helping their house out with the points, but some might have great difficulty writing. I think they should receive the same amounts of house points, be it just for trying.

It also doesn't influence the grade you get, since getting EE's all the time might be rather discouraging. The notification you get telling you your homework has been rewarded with Outstanding is amazing and people should not miss out on that just because of reasons they can't do anything about.


there is a small problem here. if you want to make homework but sometimes you arent as creative as you would like for some sort of reason, you would get punished (because you arent getting the extra money) for something you cannot help


I don't think it would be punishing to not get the incentive, in fact it might push them to try and be more creative than they have been in the past. The only setback I could see is there being no set parameter for something being "creative"..


You're completely right in that. But I don't think it's as bad, since it's not punishing, like you said. It's just a bonus you could possibly get. There is the risk of people being too lazy to check the box when mindlessly grading, however. But still - it's only an addition to what we have already, it wouldn't take away anything. ;)

Definitely gets my upvote, just wasn't certain about the logistics! :D


The money is just a bonus and an encouragement. You would still earn full house points and get an O, plus the galleons you already get for an O, of course.


The reward-for-creativity-idea I like very much. It's of course ridiculous if they tell in the classes that creativity will be rewarded when you can only get the O that everybody else gets when the requirements are met. Maybe there could be an O+ or a 'Creativity-stamp' on it or something.


This is a great idea in my opinion. When I am grading, and everything from the prompt is there, but very short or only answers and no story I need to give Outstanding, but for example I write a lot more for my assignments and I get outstanding too... There is no extra reward for writing a story or give more details than someone who would just write down the answers in 50 words.


In addition to the above:

Something that confuses me is the following, which is stated in almost every lesson: 

"Realism, creativity and ingenuity are mostly appreciated and will be rewarded."

However, in the grading guideline is stated that we shouldn't grade based on how much students wrote, or on creativity etc. So how are we supposed to do this and 'reward' people? I think the creativity award would solve this.


Exactly, this sentence confuses me too. And I think a lot of people are actually giving lower grades because of this, because they think the reward will be in the form of an O!


I was just about to write a post about this, but saw this one so I'm going to up this, 10 months after it's posted. As someone who puts lots of effort into their homework, it's rather discouraging to grade homework which is just three sentences answering the required questions and "sources: imagination" as "Outstanding" while I wrote a 500+ words long, creative RPG or essay including pictures and references and also working on my character development and got the exact same grade. The Creativity Reward would definitely be encouraging, especially because of the "Creativity will be rewarded" sentence most teachers put into their lesson plan. 

Kayte, I already put the link to this post (which is older and has more upvotes, and thus should be the "main post" about this subject as per the rules) in that other post, so it's a bit counterproductive to link back there...


Buuuut, people can get more ideas if they read both ;) Doesn't hurt anyone if I paste the link here ~

You’re right it doesn’t hurt - it’s just doesn’t add anything either. 

I would like to offer a suggestion that combines this with the suggestion of teachers being able to see all homework done with their subject. Obviously, creativity is very subjective, and one person's idea of creativity might greatly differ from another. Therefore, I think the creativity award idea is great, but should be kept to the teacher's discretion. If teachers were able to see all of their class homework, perhaps they could have the option of clicking a button to reward creativity if they think the homework was particularly good. If that's potentially a problem with the site storing huge amounts of work, then maybe the teachers could have a 1 week window in which to do so before it disappears.