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Haven't experienced this in a looong time so if you havent either, I'd say it's fixed ^^

This doesn't happen anymore now that the notification list is fixed and shows up to 50 :)

With the introduction of 'mark all as read,' it should be possible to remove that notification, I tried that and it worked :)

Update: a few days ago I saw the notification that someone had joined a club four times :')

Still sometimes happens :')

Should be possible for everyone now :)

100% agreed with this. Captain is an in-house thing, you don't do it in a team with other captains. I'm also journalist just so I can make posts about Quidditch when needed, so that's already a salary. And I especially agree with the co-captain thing; my co-captain does a lot and always does it perfecty so it would be unfair.

I'm not really on US, but you could always pass on the post ^^

That isn't what I was saying. I mean that if you come across an account on the Marauder's Map (all users) for example that has been on the site for longer than a WoP year, and they haven't logged in since the start of the new year, and you hover your cursor over their name, it still says they are 11 there. However, when you go to their profile, it does say 12 (or other age) there. But it's not showing up correctly in the sense that it still says they're 11 in the little pop-up box outside of their profile, while they are actually older, and it doesn't show until they've logged in.

I don't think it'd be a good idea to take away the points. If you don't earn points for it, I think many people wouldn't continue grading, and would thus give the teachers/ATs a lot more work. Three days are enough to read the assignment grading guide, right? - I do think that it would be a good idea to earn a few more points for making homework! When you submit a 2500-word homework and only get 10 points for it, it's kind of disappointing. Perhaps extra points could be given for a higher word count. Because say you get 25 points for an Outstanding instead - the assignments with only 3 lines would get 25 points too... while longer assigments obviously have taken more effort.