Old gifts won't be put in chest

April Jaymes 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 7


Since 19 hours or so we have this update that automatically puts items in your chest. I think it's amazing, but it has one bug. The gifts you already had in your giftcenter before the update are not put in your chest.

I wasn't really prepared for this update, so my giftcenter is full with gifts which I can't get out. Can this please be fixed?

Thank you!


They have written in the changelog, that they will move the gifts in the upcoming days...


Oh, I did not see that part of te changelog, thank you! :)


But I would also like to be able to delete gift notifications in the giftbox


They have said this will be possible in the future :)


Hope it will be soon, it's a bit confusing


Should be possible for everyone now :)