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I don't think it's a good idea for clubs from people who are inactive to be removed; they paid real money for it and might return to WoP sometime. Sometimes they'll even have put in a lot of effort before becoming inactive. For banned users, maybe that can be discussed with management for each individual case, as it's possible that they had a huge club before being banned with information in there that people would like to save or something - or if the banned person was the owner of a house club, it could be passed on to the next leader of the team or the HoH.

I think the best way for this is just to raise awareness for putting proper warnings on your posts. I've posted some posts in the past that started off IG, but ended OOG. If there's a built-in feature that makes you choose between either IG or OOG, it would limit those posts.

The user could simply write 'IG:' or 'OOG:' in front of their post. Same with the X-system - they could put up a warning saying 'this post may be a bit much for some users' or something.

I think this could be handy if you want to go on a cuddling spree, but it could also make the pop-over window a bit cluttered...

This could very easily be abused in order to skip assignments you don't like to read due to the length, writing style, subject, etc.

I think just stick to owls here. Some sites' rules actually have a little category where you can see who to contact about what. If that's not the case on your site, then maybe discuss that with your MfM, and ask if it can be added. If you need a leader to change something fast, maybe you can just create a group-owl with all the leaders of your site.

I haven't read all the previous comments as it's clearly just a discussion. I see you're mostly talking about 'what if's, like what if a journalist has to submit their article - solutions for that can be found, yes, but there's probably a lot of unnamed situations as well where this could be handy. I think the fainting system is great, it makes it way more realistic, but I agree with Jelina's idea. The chat is less handy to have access to when fainted, than owls. Owls could also be used to quickly send something so you won't forget it later on, if you have to leave before the hour is over. I could list other situations where it would be handy to be able to send new owls when fainted, but it's pointless. 

All in all, I upvote this idea. Owls are such an important part of the site, and it would be great to fully be able to access them when fainted. Take away the chat for all I care, or being able to edit your profile picture (why would you even need to do that when fainted?), but this is something I sure would love.

Agreed with Min! Winning a match itself is already a great reward, of course, but this could be a great thing <3

This would be absolutely amazing!!

I once had ghost owls after sending a multi-owl to a club I was in back when I was management. An owl from a 'deleted' user appeared - it was the multi-owl - and clicking it removed it. I'm not sure if that's the case here, too, but maybe there's a little bug somewhere that will go away if you open all your owls again?