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Jelina Emilia Hansen 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 7

I think it would be great to have a contact button on the frontpage or under others, where you can fill a formular to tell your problem. I often have trouble finding out who I should talk to and it would be easier on the staffs owls if it was in a formular where technical staff, MoM, Headmaster, leaders and maybe heads of the houses could go in and see whats wrong and take the tasks they can when they have time. That way everyone doesn't contact one, but contact a team, so it is easier to handle. And the staff wouldn't have to say "you have to contact Valentine" because he would then also see the trouble, if only he can handle it.


Hi ! I believe that if it's an urgent issue (for example, trolls in chat, or else), you may just contact any staffmember that is online at the moment and they'll deal with it. It doesn't matter which staffmember it is in this case.

If it's for a more specific and less urgent issue, I believe you can ask your Head of House who you should contact ;)

I know, but then you have tecnical issues... It took two months for me to get another slug, because i was one of many owls, that is something only Valentine and Sam can help with... If they had a way to get it into an admin panel it would be much easier to handle because staff members then could help with the stuff that ppl send to Valentine that they could handle...

On the danish site there has been birthday problems too... Then you'll write to one of the many yellows, but some r faster than others so why not just pull it all together in a complain-panel? I have seen it on many sites and it is effective...

I don't talk about trolls, they r handled easy, I talk about bigger issues, that's not just a tag in the chat.


Valentine and Sam are for technical things, while the last MoM is the person controlling the going ons


I know, but I still believe a button would make them do their job faster, especially if it could interact so they got all of the sites problems together...


How is this gonna be more useful than sending an owl?


I think just stick to owls here. Some sites' rules actually have a little category where you can see who to contact about what. If that's not the case on your site, then maybe discuss that with your MfM, and ask if it can be added. If you need a leader to change something fast, maybe you can just create a group-owl with all the leaders of your site.