Send owls when fainted

Jelina Emilia Hansen 6 years ago updated by lindahd 2 years ago 11

Right now you can't make an owl if ur fainted and I think it's a big problem because it's more important to send owls than being in the chat. I think you should have the opportunity to still write a name in the new owl, so you still can send. For example it could be an important owl for the head of the house, that maybe can't wait or you don't have an hour to wait and it has to be done before going to bed...


How about eating, so you don't faint? Also this is only for new owls, so if it is important, then make the person send you the owl by tagging them in chat (only mentioned because of your example, because if it is so important, then for your example to be true, then the person is online).


What have I ever done to you since you always diss me? I have a life, so I can't be online enough to eat so I don't faint... If I can only be online between 5 am and 5:30 am, but the person that needs the owl is online a lot later, then it is a prblem and yeah I'm not online a lot more than that at the moment, that is why I would like the opportunity to send owls even though I am fainted, because I need to send NEW owls. Sorry my life pisses you off tho...

I am not trying to diss you. I am coming with questions to the ideas that you propose, so it is there can come a solution to a problem you have without there being a need to add a feature to it. The not sending new owls, when fainted, is there for a reason to make sure that it is you eat, when it is you are online. Being online in a timeframe like that shouldn't be something that makes it impossible to eat. Buy some things from the fruit store and the drink store and go to your chest and eat and drink there. If you fill it up everyday, then you won't have any problems with the fainting and you can send an owl then.

I am coming with solutions to the things that you add here, even if you don't like them.


It's not there to make sure you eat, because then they would do so you couldn't send any owls... And it still won't help, I'm not online every day either. There has to be place for us who has a lot of stuff in real life too... But again: Sorry that I have a life to live.

This is just to motivate people to come online and keep their characters fed. If you're staff and need to send an important owl, you should already be online enough to where you don't faint, otherwise you probably shouldn't be staff because staff requires a lot of time on site.

If it's important, you can have the person owl you, or you can ask a third party to create an owl between you and the other person. Or you can wait the hour.

I didn't say anything about being staff but sending to staff... You know in the early morning there can be me and a troll, already there I should be able to send an owl to staffmembers to make them knowable about the problem...

As a matter of fact I'm often the only one online 5am or me and a troll... a lot of staffmembers r also online often, but fainted at least one time every week, so just because you and Valerie are good at eating on the site doesn't mean every active staff member is.

It's no matter what not the owls that should be haunted by the not eating part, it should be the chat, because there you can only have fun and must not write about everything...

The idea with a third part isn't always okay. For example if it was an article from a journalist and the journalist had been busy and forgotten to eat, but had to send the article that day, then there must not be a third part unless you can find another journalist online from the same paper... I can give a lot of examples, but the point is that the owls can be private and important, so it should not be this way. if you can send an owl in an existing, you should just as well be able to send a new one, because it can be important and then the food part shouldn't make that trouble.... I don't care if they set the fainted part back at 4 hours as it was in the start, if they just make it possible to do everything you can do in the owls, because that can be important for someone.... The eating part can be tricky for people with a lot to do in the real life, I can see you two don't understand that part, but I don't understand why you have to be so disrespectfull that I don't always have time to eat.


It is very unlikely that a journalist doesn't have an owl with their CE already, when it is they are fainted. I have journalists that send me their articles in the club application approved. It would also be terrible time management, if the journalist didn't think about sending in the article before then, as they have a certain deadline and stick to it, sometimes it can be a little late. 

No one is trying to be disrespectful, but we just don't see any use for this. It is one hour that people are fainted in and that is the person's own fault for not eating. Everybody faints once in a while and that happens. There is a reason for the feature and then deleting the feature would not make sense.


It is so different from who running the paper and the site ur on... I've been under 4-5 different but I remember one wanting it on the day and not wanting it before that day, so there I had to be online sometime that day and the person wanted it in a new owl...

You keep talking about fault for not eating, but honestly that means U don't read more than U want to, because I have said multiple times that I am not online every single day, and I wasn't as a journalist either, because you can write on a document and just login when you have to send it... I used my traveltime to write and there I had no internet, but I liked writing. Just because you don't accept people having a life and using this for the little sparetime they have doesn't mean that us that do shouldn't have a life. On the danish site at least, this is the most acceptable thing, that IRL comes first. So no matter how much you diss me or my life, this can actually be a good idea. I don't say that everyone should have the opportunity, I will be fine with it being an VIP thing, but I still think it should be possible to send new owls... I don't think it's on purpose that you can answer an owl, but not send a new one, I think they would close all the owls in the fainted period if it was on purpose....

It's on purpose that when ur fainted you can only be in the hospital section to RPG, but I do not believe it's on purpose U can't send a new owl, I think that's something U and Kayte has gone out of it, but I really can't see the idea that you can write in an owl if U can't send a new one. It's common sence to close all or nothing in a section, so nah.


I'll just say agree to disagree :)

I just want to mention that you mention I am being disrespectful, but please do watch your own words, because I can easily say the same thing about the way you speak to us.
We mention that the idea is probably not going to go through due to the reasons we have mentioned, and also our opinions about it. You have a life, well so do I, but the site awards the people that are able to be online, when they are. It is not my fault that you are a busy person and that is good for you.

I will end this discussion now, as it is currently just getting on my nerves, because you don't come with any new things that makes sense for this conversation.


I haven't read all the previous comments as it's clearly just a discussion. I see you're mostly talking about 'what if's, like what if a journalist has to submit their article - solutions for that can be found, yes, but there's probably a lot of unnamed situations as well where this could be handy. I think the fainting system is great, it makes it way more realistic, but I agree with Jelina's idea. The chat is less handy to have access to when fainted, than owls. Owls could also be used to quickly send something so you won't forget it later on, if you have to leave before the hour is over. I could list other situations where it would be handy to be able to send new owls when fainted, but it's pointless. 

All in all, I upvote this idea. Owls are such an important part of the site, and it would be great to fully be able to access them when fainted. Take away the chat for all I care, or being able to edit your profile picture (why would you even need to do that when fainted?), but this is something I sure would love.