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Actually I just talked to that friend who had the same problem - she didn't have a song coded into her profile text yet when it was cut off

Will try next time it happens, thanks!

This would be great!!

Ah, right! Sorry, must've misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying ^^

And perhaps in 'club application approved' owls? :D

True, you don't get a notification, but it shows up in 'your gradings.' Since the feedback boxes work now, the AT/teacher can explain why they have chosen to punish that person in the feedback box, and the person will then be able to view it in 'your gradings.' Since the person can see it, ATs/teachers don't have to send owls :) 

The thing is, that the final grade is affected by all five gradings. Say three people gave an Outstanding to a homework which has met all requirements, included sources, sticks to the rules, etc. but two people graded it with a Troll for no reason, the final grade would be dragged down. Then the people who have given an Outstanding would be far away from the final grade, and thus not receive their points and galleons, even though they graded it correctly.

Currently the teachers and assistant teachers can punish someone if they've graded badly. Sometimes there are varying grades, which means that people have given, well, varying grades. They end up for the teachers and ATs to look at. From what I understand this is like your suggestion, only in this case the teacher/AT gets to decide which people should be punished and which should not :)

Do you mean that this person could add more items to the shops? Because WoP EU has the illustrator team currently, and this team comes up with new items for the shops, writes the descriptions, draws the illustrations, and adds them. Auction ideas have been suggested before, I believe ^^ 

I agree with what has been said in the comments, and I would just like to add that we, as graders, can't try and fix everyone's feedback. If the student isn't pleased with the feedback they received, they could, after discussing it with the teacher, send in a complaint so that the graders could be made aware of their feedback. Same goes for when a student has received an EE for no reason and the final grade is O - then they can discuss with the teacher whether they can submit a complaint for this so that the bad grader can be made aware. 

Haa yes! I had the same idea just earlier today. Maybe do place the button somewhere where it isn't easy to accidentally click it, and add a pop-up asking you if you really wish to accept all gifts at once