Let friends grade each others homework

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A lot of assignments are starting to end up in the ungraded section for ATs/teachers, and a lot of people have to wait a really long time to get their homework back. I propose allowing friends to grade each others homework. Less work for the ATs, more points to be earned, what more could you want? 

You could argue that friends will give each other a higher grade, even if they don't deserve it, but that can easily be done if they were to unfriend solely to grade as well. I've unfriended some people just so we can grade each others assignments and earn more points...


Exactly. Just at this moment on the danish site I asked my friend: Why aren't we friends in here? And the response was: "then I can't grade ur homework" therefore I can't see the difference between friends can grade and friends can't, because ppl just choose not to become friends.

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Exactly. It really only has negative effects now..


Maybe have a limit on how many friends can grade assignments? 

But how do you choose which friends can and cannot grade the assignments then? I say that it should just be removed completely.

Yeah, the limit could be 2 friends, so the total graders would be max 2 friends and 3 whos not a friend. The way it could work would be like when you choose to grade homework, it choose randomly from the topics u have started, så the first to start would be the first who clicks and get it. I don't see a problem there


Sorry, but my e-mail is seriously getting spammed with links to similar topics now.. I don't think it's that useful to link it when the linked post is half a year younger and we don't have the power to merge it anyway..


Well, i guess that system exists to keep grading as objective as possible. But we can have a way better system to keep it objective. Because having friends here is supposed to be a positive and an interesting feature but in the same time I love grading homework and most importantly we want assignments  to get graded fast. Maybe one of the solutions would be to introduce a system that rewards the graders based on how close their grading to the final grade. For example if the grading you gave is two  or more grades away from the final one, you wouldn't get the money and points. I think this way is better to keep it objective and enjoyable in the same time.


The thing is, that the final grade is affected by all five gradings. Say three people gave an Outstanding to a homework which has met all requirements, included sources, sticks to the rules, etc. but two people graded it with a Troll for no reason, the final grade would be dragged down. Then the people who have given an Outstanding would be far away from the final grade, and thus not receive their points and galleons, even though they graded it correctly.

Currently the teachers and assistant teachers can punish someone if they've graded badly. Sometimes there are varying grades, which means that people have given, well, varying grades. They end up for the teachers and ATs to look at. From what I understand this is like your suggestion, only in this case the teacher/AT gets to decide which people should be punished and which should not :)


To this I will suggest an IP-excluder so u don't get ur own homework from ur other users

What about school IPs though?


It would be a good idea, but again, you would have to use the IP-excluder for the other users which would make things even more complicated. And in addition, sometimes they don't have the same IP because they were made in different locations and/or device. It would add another level of complication to it, and if you need more homework to grade go and unfriend a couple of people.