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Like Jelina said, the curriculums are up to the teachers. You can always contact their leader about it, like she said, too. I believe DK has a special teacher leader, and the other sites just have the Headmaster. If they think it's fine like this, too, then there's nothing to do about it. Additionally, this would fit better in the ideas section, rather than the bugs :)

Amen. It would take way too long and spelling/grammatical mistakes are human. Even if this job were to be added, it's not 100% sure all mistakes would be gone. Sometimes when reading an actual IRL book there'll be spelling mistakes, too, and that was proofread by someone who's actually  studied for it. So, no, I can't support this idea, and I'm fairly sure a similar idea has been submitted and rejected before...

I really hope this gets implemented soon ^-^ Having waited so long since they changed the status to planned only made me more excited about it xD

Could be a good way to show appreciation, but... 'normal' users might feel less special because of this; there are many WoP sites and on each the staff is different, so it would need to be different per site; staff changes every now and then; there's about 25 staff members and that's a lot of emojis to add :/

*kinda wants to ask about the Hufflepuff scarf* But yeah, I have this problem, too :/ And it's still like that.. 

Right, thank you for clarifying :D I'll keep it in mind and pass it on

where is it implemented? because i haven't seen anything :o

Completely agreed, it would make it much easier tonread a non-VIP's backstory!

(I don't think this ides counts as a praise, by the way, but rather an idea)