Forbidden Section for the Library

Marlene Harris 6 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 6 years ago 10 1 duplicate

It would be so great, if we can realise this!

How about a seperate 'library' which can only be opened by fifth grade students and adults?

We could write books espacially for this. Dark Arts books for example. The library Team on DE has tons of ideas for books in this section.

This is an idea from the spanish library leader and from the german library leader. What do you think about it?


Marlene Harris (Library Leader DE)

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Oh man I absolutely love this idea. Though I'd go for 1 request per day because WoP has a lot of people, and if they all send in 5 requests.. those poor people who have to handle it ^^ But I would be so excited if this feature were to get added tbh


This would be a wonderful addition! I love the approval system!


I love this idea ~ I think it adds a lot more depth to the world and gives it a more realistic cannon feel. It also definitely adds to the student and teacher experience, especially as students get older. I think something like this would be fantastic!


Itd be cool to have a place where I described above, where you need to request permission, BUT students with Invisibility Cloak status dont have to ask


I love this idea!! 


Yes pleasee *-*


where is it implemented? because i haven't seen anything :o

The library can now be sorted into categories. One can be created called the "Forbidden Section" if desired.