"text-align: justify" for topic replies

miLLe 6 years ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 4 years ago 8

I think it would make it a lot nicer to read if the topic replies are in text align justify by default instead of left for everyone. Here you can see the difference. At top text-align: left and at the bottom text-align: justify. Which one would you like to read more? ;o)

Image 145

Pls do it to homework too!!!

I like it, but it could become a slight problem for shorter lines. And some people also tend to just do one line skip instead of making a gap between the paragraphs, so it would take some getting used to. But for both topics and homework it would be amazing!


When there is a shorter line or a line-break, the line doesn't get dragged all over the width. Here, see:

So don't worry about that. :")

Or wasn't that what you meant?


I would personally prefer left alignment at any time. Justifying it makes it look like one big block of text, which kind of scares me away and makes me not want to read it - in my opinion, left alignment is more user friendly :)

Giving the members the option to choose for themselves, though, would be perfect (either you go to your Settings and choose 'default align left' or 'default align justify', or you change it with every reply, you make).


Do you mean that users can change the way they view all topic posts, or how theirs are posted? Because I would love for the users to be able to choose always seeing left aligned, or justified!


Either to change the way, they view all topic posts (ideally, this would be great!), or how theirs are posted - I suggested both in my reply :P


That would look so neat!