Lottery system

Rodrik 7 years ago updated by Adalynn Greenwood 3 years ago 9

A lottery system would be nice, Where users can buy a lottery ticket then at the end of the week or month, The lottery picks a random winner who wins loads of galleons! Would be a nice interaction for Users.


I really hope this gets implemented soon ^-^ Having waited so long since they changed the status to planned only made me more excited about it xD

I agree with Jada that it would be nice to see it soon, since it's been planned for a year :D

On that note I would like to add an extension to the idea: Different types of tickets OR tickets at a certain price.

The different types would be for 10, 25, 50, or 100 where each step gave a better chance of winning.

The certain price could be a price every user has to pay to have a chance to win and all users have the same chance. I think it should be 25 or 50 in that case for sure.

like a lottery system where you could win milions at once is that what you want ?

In Germany it could be a problem, hence you've got to be 18 to play lottery. No matter what Site you use. 

I totally forgot about this, but I've also learned since my comment that it definitely is a problem for Danish users as well since a lot of gambling is prohibited for younger people.

Since there is no real-word value to galleons, or other ig-cash, it would be like many other children's games where users "gamble" with no true losses or benefits that affect anyone outside of the game <3

Edit: after I looked into it for a short while (american, german, and danish law) since this has no real world value, the law does not truly uphold in this situation, which prohibits children of all ages from gambling for personal game that would otherwise be involved in harassments, and/or endangerment, loosely boiled down ^-^

I haven't looked it up personally, but if it's no issue then I see no reason why this shouldn't be added. I know for a fact that gambling "Channel Points" on Twitch.tv, which also has no real life value as it's point to do random stuff on a twitch channel, is banned in Denmark and a few other countries. So I can't gamble my points on predictions on the site o: