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Yeah and the library to something like "bookshelf" perhaps? So "the library" wouldn't have "(forum)" behind it either.

I get this too, and I've checked all the chats multiple times, I was tagged in none. Not even @all/@everyone/@symbol, so it seems like a real bug.

You're completely right in that. But I don't think it's as bad, since it's not punishing, like you said. It's just a bonus you could possibly get. There is the risk of people being too lazy to check the box when mindlessly grading, however. But still - it's only an addition to what we have already, it wouldn't take away anything. ;)

The money is just a bonus and an encouragement. You would still earn full house points and get an O, plus the galleons you already get for an O, of course.

Yep, it is possible and works perfectly fine ^^

Don't understand why this would get downvoted.. this is a legit problem. You can insert a link but if the article is published, no one can click the link. However, it does get a line under it when you hover over it. Just can't click it.

Yeah I know... I just think that a lot of people would opt for password-locked topics for things as simple as get togethers with friends, because they don't feel like dealing with new people. What's wrong with the owls? There you can even easily change location. And if the prefects would have access to these, it's not even that private anymore, anyway. :/ I think there are a lot of really great ideas in the feedback system which would be worth looking at as well, ones that improve the site or add new opportunities.. Why not go for more RP locations? :D

A lot of people would feel left out. Even the rules say that there are no private topics, and I'm sure that rule has been there for months for a reason. It's already hard to find RPs to participate in when you're a new user, just imagine how much harder it would be if the site was full of locked topics.

Well, sometimes it's nice to grade a few assignments before bed. Writing in paragraphs honestly isn't so hard and you'd be doing all of WoP a favour..