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For some answers this is a good idea, like the "cane" riddle (which I still haven't answered correctly for some reason...) but to me it looks like you put it with a capital S and it's stated on the page that all answers to the riddles must be in lower case letters ^^

So basically you want more to do during the exam week? I get this. It can be very boring when all you're left with is topics..

Exactly. It really only has negative effects now..

Hmm wouldn't the Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade forums be enough for this? Like the general forums? You could put the name of that shop in your location description :)

Sounds like what you may be hoping for, is the Ancient Studies class. This is a class that presumably dives into the history of magic and its people, so not who Ron Weasley was or when the Mirror of Erised was created, but really the ancient times. It could be as wide as WoP chooses it to be.

I think it'd be better to raise awareness for how you should grade. Like someone would have to go through a test before they're allowed to grade. The teachers, or any appointed person, could grade the test.

This could be answering a quiz, writing a piece of RPG, buying some (cheap) items, and so forth, like I said in my post. ^^