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Btw, it may be a good idea to re-submit it in English, just so that people will read it quicker!

I like this idea, a 'pensieve' category on the profile! I have a diary in my profile text but this would be so much easier! :o

Please make sure the feedback is in English ;)

I've been getting this too, the past few days There you go :)

I think the grading team would be a bad idea as some homework already takes over a week to be graded, but yes, the stricter rules sound like a good idea! 

Great! If you're going to work on gifts, would this perhaps also be possible? :)

Update: I now have to give 15 of the same gift to 15 different people :'(

Update: The new rules are on WoP now, so this has been completed. Thanks!

Update: I just got another owl from someone who's been on WoP for several days but doesn't understand the different writing styles that we use on the site.

What Lucian said. And it's not possible for users to delete their accounts. Could you perhaps post things like this in questions, next time? :)