Updated grading guidelines

Jada Nightflame 7 years ago updated by Anah-ria 6 years ago 8

I have written a blog post on grading a few months ago for the SoMe Team, it was posted and everything. My guide has the updated grading rules in it, so the grades that exist on the site right now.

The actual guidelines on the site have outdated grades, and some of the grades that exist, aren't even listed in there. There are still a lot of people who grade unfairly and my post is written clearly.

I have sent the updated rules to the people who have been Headmaster/Headmistress, the Minister... all in the hopes that they'd get updated. It's barely any work at all for them since it's pre-written!

I could send the post I have written in a private message of even send the link to the blog post in the comments here. I've barely even received responses to it which make me think that the big bosses here don't even care that a student takes that time out of their day to write the post, which is written to help improve the site.


Could you send the new grading guideline to me?

 I think there should be done something about the grading system as is. There is hardly feedback from users, and it seems they are only grading for the reward (for most people, not all of course). I write quite a bit for my assignments and I got someone who still said: little brief. I think we should have a grading team or just stricter rules, because this system is causing lots of frustration and not just with me ;)

https://worldofpotter.eu/blog/8112de2e-6da8-40e9-aedc-871520f2b024/how-to-grade-a-guide-by-assistant-teacher-jada There you go :)

I think the grading team would be a bad idea as some homework already takes over a week to be graded, but yes, the stricter rules sound like a good idea! 

Do you think you could send it to worldofpotter.com as well? 

I'm not really on US, but you could always pass on the post ^^

Will do. Thank you! :)

edit: I sent it to headmaster and Minister. I will let you know if something will come of it.

Thank you again!

Ha! So it seems on the us site we actually have a great news article about this, which I missed as I was not on the site when it was published and I do not read old news. :(

 Anyway, your article and the one on us are both perfect and now I am satisfied in my knowledge that any wrong gradings are not done by any fault of not enough great guidlines.

Thank you!



Thanks. It has much clearer rules in that guideline! I think it will help a lot of users to grade better. I hope the current guidelines get upgraded with this explanation!

Yes, that's true. But maybe if there were a couple of people solely responsible for that, it could work :) It would require some dedicated people though ;)


I completely agree and I think that is a shame that they have not been updated yet. Having the correct names for grades and explanations would make it easier for student and ATs to refer to the guidelines when giving feedback. I hope someone looks at this as soon as possible.