Private topics(password protected)

World of Potter 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 11

Some times, users would like to interactive with only a couple of other users. Right now it has to be done in owls.

The idea is to be able to add a password when creating a topic, so only people you choose, can enter the topic.


* Users can interact in topics, instead of owls.

* Topics will not get "ruined" by other users


* Boards might get bloated with locked topics


Would prefects have automatic access to these closes topics then? Or would they be private like owls are unless a situation arises for them to be investigated


A lot of people would feel left out. Even the rules say that there are no private topics, and I'm sure that rule has been there for months for a reason. It's already hard to find RPs to participate in when you're a new user, just imagine how much harder it would be if the site was full of locked topics.


Well, but if this is a site-suggested idea then clearly they are considering changing the ruling. I can't imagine there wouldn't still be plenty of open topics, and it's becoming more common for people to ask others in chat if they want to role play. I would think that would still offer new users opportunities aplenty to get involved with other students.


Yeah I know... I just think that a lot of people would opt for password-locked topics for things as simple as get togethers with friends, because they don't feel like dealing with new people. What's wrong with the owls? There you can even easily change location. And if the prefects would have access to these, it's not even that private anymore, anyway. :/ I think there are a lot of really great ideas in the feedback system which would be worth looking at as well, ones that improve the site or add new opportunities.. Why not go for more RP locations? :D


Lets say if we give this a shot. What about the Prefect Team others may not want to give the password to the Prefects as they would consider the topic Private. Then this problem could escalate because the Prefects wouldn't be doing there jobs of making sure everyone is following the topic rules.

Sounds like a great idea but I don't see a way to come around our current problem unless all Prefects get to have an Admin Password for Private Topics.

This is a great idea. New students can talk in chat and make friends there for a topic and there are enough open topics for them to enjoy.

Private topics are prohibited. Everyone has the right to participate in the public topics that are created.
If one wish to have a private conversation, this must be done in an owl.


This was a suggestion from the site itself. They wanted to see if people wanted this to be a thing, so the fact that you are posting the rule does not really matter.


Oh yes sorry, but I'm not sure that is a good idea.

Even if Prefect can come in every private topic, the websites will lose a part of his soul, we will found a lot of private topic and really few public topic and it will be really sad.

It already exist some method to be alone in a Topics, when you have well construct your RP, it's impossible to people to come without do something unrealism, so in this case they just have to contact prefect or the prefect leader to suppress the post. We have really few people where when they do a topics they are disturb by another person, or only when it's someone which don't know the rules of the websites yet.



I just can give an advice if it's really decided to protect RP with a password why isn't just the scribing part?

Like this it’s possible to be read by everyone, but only person who possess the password can write on it?