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I'd assume they mean The World Outside → Newspaper Offices

This has started happening again a few days ago. It was totally fine for months, but now it's eating replies again...

Yessss!! Perhaps you could enable/disable notifications sounds for it - and perhaps for the chat too, then? If you only want to hear sounds from owls, then that would be possible ^^

I always see it duplicated in the user overview as well :/

Love the idea, but the curriculums can change when a new teacher is appointed and not everything has a picture.. :( There are some things that are mentioned only on Pottermore for example, but which has no picture..

Now you can click the comments button and then it hides all :D Makes it easier to scroll through everything ^^ 

it has journalist below mfm xD and headmistress is way down below

This is such a great idea, I've been hoping for this for aaageeees! I would buy one as soon as possible for sure ^^