Owls not sending

Jada Nightflame 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 9

This hasn't been a problem before, but the last few days, I've noticed that WoP basically eats my owl replies!

I'll click the send button, and the page refreshes, but my reply didn't send. I know it's happened to other people, too.

Due to the other bugs on the site, I've already learned to copy my text before I submit it, but new users can't possibly know that, and sometimes, you just don't remember to do it...


This has started happening again a few days ago. It was totally fine for months, but now it's eating replies again...

Still sometimes happens :')


I can't add people if I want to send an owl

I had this problem too and I think its some kind of glitch

Its a glitch because sometimes it takes a few minutes for the owls to actually send from my experience O.o

I have experienced this too, so I thought if i was just spamming by sending messages way too fast. like sometimes have to send the message multiple of times & refresh

Its loading for a few minutes


This has been fixed.