A button to indicate if a wall post is in game or out of game and maybe X's

Jelina Emilia Hansen 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 3

As the topic indicates, I need a button to indicate if I play IG or OOG in wall posts... A while ago someone made me sad over a wall post I thought was OOG, that is just one case that can happen, but where I really need to see it is on other peoples walls... Someone writes like it is oog when it is in game and sometimes it can be tooo much.

Other than that it could be cool if you could mark an in game post with X-XXXXX to make a filter on ppls walls, so U only see the X's you accept in the settings. Sometimes it hurt ppl to see a wall post that should have at least XXX. So could this maybe be done, so no one feels hurt and no one is unclear wether it's IG or OOG?


I think the best way for this is just to raise awareness for putting proper warnings on your posts. I've posted some posts in the past that started off IG, but ended OOG. If there's a built-in feature that makes you choose between either IG or OOG, it would limit those posts.

The user could simply write 'IG:' or 'OOG:' in front of their post. Same with the X-system - they could put up a warning saying 'this post may be a bit much for some users' or something.


Problem is ppl doesn't and there is no rules for it... Not on the danish site I can tell... So one thing is what they could, another is what they should and for that a system would make it clear that they should be sure who should see it, because there are children on the site...