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Jelina Emilia Hansen 6 years ago updated by Xanya Q Daryce 4 years ago 6

Sometimes it can be difficult to grade an assignment and then you have to wait 60 minutes if an AT can't help. My surgestion is that you can skip an assignment or more, so you still can grade, while you wait on answers from an AT so you know what to do next time you see the assignment or a simmilar one.

If you skip one or more you should not get it for at least 30 minutes.


This could very easily be abused in order to skip assignments you don't like to read due to the length, writing style, subject, etc.


Maybe... But it could make more ppl grade just a little bit more, on the danish site, not very many ppl wants to because they get something they can't and if you read my idea from start to end, you'll read that I said it has to come again, if it is not taken by then. They could do so you can only skip an assignment once, but it is more effective than ppl just grading "super homework" because they don't understand it and it takes that long for the AT's to answer.


Maybe it can be done so that you only can skip 3 times a day. I grade a lot - as a normal user - and it is not THAT often you get an assignment that is difficult, but it IS annoying when you have to wait for help to grade one, and cannot move onwards until a teacher or AT answers you.


This could be very helpful, sometimes, I do homework on an alt. Then I go on my main and grade, and at least on WoO, you are not allowed to grade your own assignment, which is basically restricting me to grade.


I like this idea, but as earlier mentioned I think there should be a maximum of how many assignments you can skip a day. Otherwise people can easily take advantage of it.

I like that Idea... :-)

So, if there will come a Change at this Part, I also would like to have the option to get ones 20-30 minuits additional time to wrote your Feedback. But you have to requast it per Button, so it only stays "reserved" those 20 - 30 Minuites more for you, if you really need the time, not if you skiped it becuase you had to go whatever...