Quidditch payment

Jelina Emilia Hansen 6 years ago updated by Jada Nightflame 6 years ago 3

Tbh I couldn't find out if this is suggested before, but all I see is about colours, so I have made this and if it is suggested before then merge it together, but don't comment on it, I am in doubt, but this is NOT about a colour!

My suggestion: As a Quidditch player you use at least as much time as the journalists on the house, so I think it would be fair if the Quidditch Players recieved payment just as well. I don't think a colour is needed, but I think it would be more attractive if ppl got a symbolic payment for using some hours on training and matches... If ppl can get it for writing on the house paper/wall then I think it's fair that players recieve as well... It could maybe also be easier to fill a team to the matches. 


This would be incredibly difficult to log with regards to tracking hours in training etc. But perhaps a token payment for those who actually play the game could be a good idea - because then it would just be whoever has their character uploaded into the system.


Well my thought was the ones on the team, but I actually dig your idea, because then to get it you have to show the captain that you want to play and then you'll get the payment when you play the game. That would be incredibly nice and show respect for those who use their time on the game showing the house what they r made of. <3


Agreed with Min! Winning a match itself is already a great reward, of course, but this could be a great thing <3