Ages not showing up correctly

Jada Nightflame 7 years ago updated by Dyron Adelaide 6 years ago 3

I've noticed before that people who made an account months ago (at least over 11 weeks ago), sometimes still show up as being 11. I mean, I went to all users on the Marauder's Map, and there was someone who had signed up 4 months ago, so that is over 1 WoP year, which means they should have aged up to 12. They are inactive, I don't know if that contributes.

They have not passed to the second year (which is, of course, because they are inactive). When I went to their profile and hovered my cursor over their name there, it did say 12 years old. 

That is because people always age at the end of the year, no matter if they pass the year or not. Everyone automatically ages up

That isn't what I was saying. I mean that if you come across an account on the Marauder's Map (all users) for example that has been on the site for longer than a WoP year, and they haven't logged in since the start of the new year, and you hover your cursor over their name, it still says they are 11 there. However, when you go to their profile, it does say 12 (or other age) there. But it's not showing up correctly in the sense that it still says they're 11 in the little pop-up box outside of their profile, while they are actually older, and it doesn't show until they've logged in.

What your describing is most likely a cache problem, empty the cache of your browser and it should work fine. Or after a few days it will change.