Quidditch Captain Job Color/Pay

Declan Donnelly 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 7

Greetings all, 

Since becoming HoH I have noticed how much work the Quidditch captains put into their role. Between organizing practices and tryouts, answering (a lot) of prospective owls, making sure that the line up is submitted before the game, and teaching players how to play, I really think they are deserving of a pay and possibly a color on the jobs list. 

From where I stand, it's clear that they put in a lot to their role. During a game week, their work load can take up to 8+ hours a week. 

My suggestion is as follows: 

1) 20 galleon a week pay, similar to other student jobs

2) A spot on the job list with a color

3) Head of Houses would supervise the role. When a captain is selected, they would be in charge of "officially" hiring them through administration.

The only problem I foresee is if a captain already has another student job. However, in this situation it would give students a new position to look forward to and get excited about. There would need to be rules created about having one job/one color to make this work. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Declan Donnelly


I second this motion!


I agree, we need to recognize our quidditch captains and all the effort they put into their work <3

It would do some more players would join. I was a Quidditchplayer last year, but training 3 times, sometimes 4 and a match some sundays too, that is a lot, even more for the captain, I do think tho, that it should not just be the captain, because if the captain gets paid, why should u want to be a normal player without anything? I don't think it needs to be a colour for the normal players, but they should just as well get paid.


I would say that this isn't necessarily very needed as an addition to the site. 

On US, Slytherin Quidditch captain has always been given hidden journalist so they are able to make posts about Quidditch tryouts and other Quidditch related articles. With this, they can receive 20 galleons a week like other jobs.

If you speak with your HoH or MoM, they will most likely give you permission to do so as well.

A new color isn't really needed as captains can change often, and it would also make co captains or assistant captains feel like they aren't as important or helpful as the main captain. It's also not very necessary as what they do does not effect normal users like the other jobs (ATs, prefects, etc.) do.


100% agreed with this. Captain is an in-house thing, you don't do it in a team with other captains. I'm also journalist just so I can make posts about Quidditch when needed, so that's already a salary. And I especially agree with the co-captain thing; my co-captain does a lot and always does it perfecty so it would be unfair.

i also think you should pay the quiditch players maybe a little amount per played game like 5galleons.

this will increase the effort of the players.

also make it possible for people to invest in a team sothe team could buy new equipment and pay the players