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I recently saw lots of French speakers all over the site, and I think it could be great if we could have a site for us ^^ In fact young French people usually don't speak English that well, so they don't dare going on an English site, even if they're absolute Potterheads. I think it's really sad for them, because this site is wonderful... 

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I'm usually not really a fan of creating even more WoPs, but this one could be a very good idea. People from Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, you name it, speak French. Plus, France is huge! Yaelle's reasoning is good too, we should give everyone a shot at discovering this site. ;)


There are TONS of French speakers on the site who do struggle a lot with English, so I think this is absolutely perfect <3


I can feel you. In Greece we have lot of people who want something like WoP. But it's sad for not joing, even in EU server because they are bored or don't know to speak only in English. I hope your idea to be realized !

Good luck ;)

one was recently created a few weeks ago.


This has already been completed, World of Potter FR (France)