Gewone Gebruiker veranderen naar Gewone Leerling (in het zwart)

ilsevanrooijen 7 years ago updated by miLLe 7 years ago 5

Alles is in Harry Potter thema. Nu viel het mij op dat de zwarte letters als Gewone Gebruiker staat. Misschien staat het leuker als Gewone Leerling, wat meer betrokkener naar de site?


I'm relying on Google Translate here, so tell me if I'm misunderstanding, but you're saying on the Marauder's Map instead of Normal User it should say student? Is that correct?

Yep, that's what they're saying :)

Thanks for the confirmation!


Yes that was what I am saying haha. I didnt knew that it would be posted here but only on the NL community haha. :P That is why I posted in Dutch. xD


But graduated people without a job are also displayed there and they aren't students anymore..