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You could create folders in your owlery, and you could rename them, for example "Quidditch" - I could add all the owls regarding Quidditch I have to that folder. Kind of like this:

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Absolutely, I thought just about the same yesterday and today again! It would be a great help for everyone who sends and receives a lot of owls! *thumbs up*


And maybe a function where you can switch between mark as read/mark as unread for selected owls? It would make things so much easier for me to know for which owl I still have to do something. :)


Yes, this would be so useful!!


Since I am the head editor of Hufflepuffs' school newspaper I have to write a lot of owls every week.

My owlery is many pages long because I have to ask every single person on WoP if I am allowed to name them in the rumour mill article. Because I don't want them to know with whom they are going to be named in this article, so that they are more excited to read it, I have to write the owls seperately.

It looks very disorganzied and creating folders would solve my problem seperating my private owls from my "business" owls.

Of course one could say 'Hey, you can delete those owls after recieving their permission' but ... no, I cannot.I want to keep them so I can prove that I got their permission if they raise a complaint.

So, Yes! I am absolutly in favour and let the gossip factory work overtime.


Yes please, I need


Yes! I think of this many times trough the day, it would be so awesome and help a lot!


Lol that would be cool!

Bumping this because I love this idea!


Omg, i need! Love this idea!


This could be really nice. Also if this was possible under the topic you follow. so you could sort after IG topics and perhaps work topics. 


It would be awesome to have this feature, especially since I would be able to separate backstory related owls from regular ones.


organized lmfao

This is a great idea and i think its cool


But please let us name the folders ourselves since we all need different ones for work purposes. But I agree, we definitely need this!


It's one of the most upvoted things here. Try searching for the issue/idea before posting :D



I love this idea! Just posted it myself as I too struggle with a full Owlery! This is my topic, which is the same idea: https://feedback.worldofpotter.eu/communities/1/topics/1295-organize-owls. You can combine it with this one.