Year 2

waterlily0227 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 4

I feel like once people move up a year they should not be able to grade any other years homework nor get to do the previous years bhomework. It is not fair to newcomers that want to do well when year two and threes can grade all the year ones homework. It will even out the playing field for everyon.


I think they should be able to do the homework. Some people haven't got enough time to finish all 9 courses, which means they can't start that course in second year either. You have to finish the earlier course to get to the next course.

What I do think, is that people can only grade the course they are taking in that year.

So let's say a second year student takes both DADA course 2 and Flying course 1, they should be able to grade only DADA 2 and Flying 1.

Grading has a positive effect for everyone. You get your grade back faster and the graders are less bored and can help out their houses by earning the points. I don't think limiting the grading would be a good idea, there would only be more waiting for everyone. Yes, first years can grade a little less this way, but allowing them to grade more would only result in bad things - most of them don't know how grading works yet and you have to wait longer to get your grade back

There is a problem with this- some students may not pass all the school courses and have to resist the year below them while still moving into the next year. If this was used- a student would not be able to grade homework from the class they are actually taking. Grading helps all see how others set out homework and gives ideas on how you can improve your own work. :)