Longer length requirements for homework grading

Gaia Charleston 7 years ago updated by Vita Auden 5 years ago 18

Currently, a lot of the student graded homework is very short, sometimes down to one word, and does not tell the student anything in regards to their homework. by extending the requirement from 15 characters to maybe 50-100, it would hopefully tricker a response of longer, more descriptive feedbacks, from which the students might gain something

It's very hard for some people to submit homework or write in general. It should also be possible for them, and by submitting homework, they can improve on this.

I feel that this is a requirement that is up to the teacher's discretion and should remain that way. Some teachers already do set word requirements, but if they don't feel it is necessary it is most likely because it is not.


I don't mean a requirement for the homework itself, but a length requirement for the feedbacks given to the students. :)


Agree on this. I get a lot of: "answered all questions" or "nice work". Would love to get more feedback. I try to give the students personal feedback and try to give tips in which they can improve.

I agree on this. I myself got a lot of crappy feedbacks, and while I've done what I could to speak up the problem to the teachers, heads, top staff, etc., it seems like they're giving up.

They go ahead and post a reminder on the Notice Board or something like that, but when the problem persists, nothing further is done about it. One gets sick of filing in complaints at some points...

Increasing the minimum amount of characters/words in the feedback box could definitely be a way of solving the problem!


I do agree that adjusting the length and making the requirement for the feedback a bit longer is a wonderful idea, but 50-100 words is far too long. For younger users or users who don't have the site's language as their first language and aren't fluent in it, this can be extremely hard for them to meet. 

There are also some short submissions for homework that can't spark feedback of 50-100 words. The user grading the homework would have to try to write about something that isn't there, and this is unfair if they've already covered everything needed in the feedback. 

I suggest perhaps 25-40 words, but definitely not 50-100.


I would say 50-100 words, because that is not a hard thing to do. If a person hasn't written a long assignment, then tell them how to improve for the next time. And what they did well. It is feedback to the work they did and what you think would be better for the next time.


I agree with this 100%. Most of the feedback I get is a variation of "all requirements met, well done" and if I'm exceptionally lucky, someone tells me I also "mentioned sources, great job!". As someone who takes time & energy to write elaborate and nice homework pieces, sometimes with pictures, it's often a little bit demotivating to receive standardised feedback. I always try to have a minimum of 50 words, mention what I liked, what could be better, and sometimes highlight some parts that I thought were exceptionally funny/creative et cetera. So, yeah, I definitely think 50-100 words could be a great requirement so we can actually get helpful (or at least motivating) feedback instead of standard replies that you get tired of. 

I dont know if work count would solve it.

I get LONG copy paste comments "Good work, it shows the effort in the work you have done. Victor Weasel Montgomery"  (I have this one in EVERY SINGLE Homework I've done which is more than 60 and the lazy person even signes it! I even tried posting in different times throughout the 24 hours - he gets me every time. I am almost impressed with his tenacity). 

While I get a short but helpful "Amazing work! Just watch spacing!" or "Exellent work! Just sign it next time!"

Of course I got some long amazing and helpful reviews, but I got also a lot of long but copypaste absolutely WORTHLESS reviews! 

What I am trying to say is that the lenght is not the problem but the copypasting is.


  And as you cannot report grader the problem remains. Its easy to see who are those that do that as all you have to do is look at the housepoints and click on some people on the top. When you look at their achievements, they do absolutely nothing but grade 1000 assignment in a week.

 I am disgusted that some of them are part of my house as I believe posting copypaste comment and not reading the assignment shows indiference and absolute disrespect to someone's work.

 I am dissapointed that this problem is long happenning and there are no preventative measures or solutions. Why, those people are hold in high regards as these people are the ones that bring a lot of points to the house and we patt them on  back and wish them good luck earning more points. 

We support this behaviour and I hate that we teach the children that any means to get points is ok.

  I know WoP is a game and should be funny exciting and enjoyable, and it is, but being a game doesnt mean it cannot teach children how to behave and how not to behave. Being occasionally IRL teacher I can tell you children take what they learn and see in games and use it in IRL. Teaching what is right is so much harder when they argue "its easier to cheat and get A then to work for the A". And I do not want to even talk about stealing someone else's work, as that is just abhorrent and makes me blew up every single time. If anyone would do that to me in WoP I would get them one chance to apologise and promise never to do that again. One. 

In conclusion, people can write longer reviews even now, they are choosing not to. If you add longer count it can bring you longer reviews but whether they will be helpfull or not ... who knows. I do not believe there will be more helpfull ones as opposite to more copy pasting. 

I am sorry for the length. Happy Easter everyone!


Perhaps adding in names and speaking down upon specific users isn't the best way to go about your message, though I do understand your frustration.

I feel like this was more of a rant however than something to either support or explain why this suggestion isn't helpful. 


This was a good idea that went bad. I'm all for longer feedbacks but at the same time, having to now do 180 characters is hard because that's too long. And to have to do that for each individual one is very off putting and I haven't graded any homework since this update happened. They shouldn't have made it so long. I would've thought 50 characters instead. It's frustrating and not as fun anymore with the long length requirement. 

sometimes, it's almost impossible to write 180 words especially, if the homework has not got a lot of detail or has made the requirements.

as Ace said it should be brought down, however, I would suggest 100 words.


It is not 180 words, it is 180 characters, which should be easy enough to hit.
This is way better than feedback, which is just: "Hey, this is good. Good job." Which is already 23 words, so I don't see why you can't write things such as constructive criticism to the homework.
Perhaps the person hasn't written hasn't written a very long assignment, but then try to give ideas for how they could do it better in the future.... also look at that... I have written far more than 180 characters just writing this reply.

I agree with this. Even when a homework hasn't included large amounts of detail, there's still something you can say. 
You can write what they did good, what you liked, what they can improve, and so forth.

If they didn't include detail, you can say that. Something like, "This was a great start and you answered everything the teacher asked and included your sources, however, in the future you could always add a bit more detail! Graders and teachers love to see detail!" is quite simple, and already over the character requirement.

Though it's a bit more work, it's not difficult to meet at all.

As Ace said, I didn't grade a single hw since it had been introduced, and honestly, 180 characters is a lot when you get bad homework that is barely longer then that. 15 char. was too little, but this is too much and it drives a lot of users away from grading, including me. As much as I agree with you, Valérie, that it should be easy to hit, yes. On good homework it's easy, but not all homework is like that (and that gives ATs more work, too)


It should be easier to hit on "bad" homework, because there are more things that you can give advice on, where you perhaps could give tips on how to make a better and more improved piece of homework.