Cheaper Items/More Galleons

Alex, Arrow, Nathaniel, Lukas 7 years ago updated by naomi 3 years ago 4

It is very difficult to buy items when you have to buy new requirements for classes that are expensive enough, and it takes a long time to write out assignments for which you only get 10 galleons. Maybe try and make the prices and the amount you get paid more Harry Potter based, for example, I think a chocolate frog is like 10 sickles in HP, wheereas on WoP it is much mroe expensive! I know I've run out of money PLENTY of times, but I don't think it is fair to be able to buy galleons as then it defeats the whole purpose of a reward system and it is unfair to users who don't have access to paypal/credit cards and younger users.


By doing the riddle/anagram every day and grading homework you will earn quite a lot of galleons. Grading usually takes 1-5 minutes, and it earns you 5 galleons. You can also get a student job on the site or apply for a teacher job whenever it is available :)


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how do I grade hw?