Invite people to clubs

Craig the cookie fairy 6 years ago updated by Jada Nightflame 6 years ago 3

I think this'll be a great feature to have. Have an invite button (whether you're admin or a member) to invite other WoP users to your club which they'd get in an owl. They can then accept or decline of course :)

I think it would be like spam, when ppl send invitations to everyone they see in the chat. I get enought friendrequests from strangers and I don't need spam in owls too ;)

Well they could also add an option for users to turn friend requests and club invites on/off :)

This sounds brilliant! And the original idea as well, of course. Say you've accepted someone for your team (that has a club), it might be faster to invite them to your club. Though maybe a limit on how many invites can be sent out per day by the owner of the club? 5 or something?