Avoid copied homework, only grade after u have made the homework urself

Jelina Emilia Hansen 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 13

On the danish site there has been a lot of copied homework where the wrong persons has been punished for it. The problem is, that ppl can grade every class they take themselve before they have made their homework in it. I think you should make your own homework before you can grade that single lesson, so instead of grading when you hve started a class, it should be when you have made your homework. So if you have only made your homework in Charms class 1 weak 7 and 8 it would also be the only lessons you can grade as a normal student.

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Hmm, I don't think this is a really good idea.. it'll take way longer for everything to be graded.. Instead, I think there should be some way to prevent homework from being copied, on wattpad for example you can't select the text of something you're reading if I recall correctly. Maybe it could be that way when grading homework as well? 


If you can see others homework you can still get too inspired of the text. When you have to make it at first, you will know a lot more of what u r grading.

It would help in so many ways and yeah maybe you will wait for the homework where not so many ppl have made their homework, but these often end at the assistant teachers table anyway. Those often graded fast, most ppl have made already so I only see the problem on the new sites. =)

Copied homeworks are a pain yep, but I agree with Jada, this solution can end up being a problem as everything will take longer. I suggest something more simple, just showing the exact time the homework was submitted when you grade ? So if you see 2 identical homeworks, you can easily find out which one was submitted last, which is the copied one ^^


That won't assure that both end up at the assistant teachers table.

It won't, but it will still make it easier for graders if they have a doubt. I've myself seen several copied homeworks and didn't really know if I was to give a T or give the normal grade, as sometimes the site is buggy and some graded homeworks aren't saved... 


But it wouldn't be copied in the first place if you have to make it urself before grading that lesson. I really don't think it will harm the ATs that much, because if you have to make it at first, then ppl do it to have the opportunity to grade.

I know lots of people who prefer grading than submitting, for example those who aren't confident enough in English or those who just don't like writing with requirements ^^ So I firmly believe the ATs will have evenmore work than they have today... 


But there are requirements to gradings also, so that's kinda silly... I can only talk for the danish site, but I think it's worth trying because copied homework often harm those who didn't copy, I can tell for a fact that happened to me... Maybe not all like making homework, but a lot of those who doesn't could be the ones copying... So that way the ATs wouldn't get that much more because then the copies wouldn't be sent. :)


Some users don't do homework and only grade so this wouldn't be fair.

To add onto this, some people don't have the time to do homework, as assignments can take some people 20+ minutes per assignment if they wish to add details, but grading can take around 5 minutes each. It would limit people who aren't able to put in the time to do assignments just to get more things to grade.


If they don't have time to make homework, they don't have time to grade, as grader you still have to go into the homework, know what ur grading and check if the info is right


What Kayte said is still relevant. Making homework can take a long time, especially when already having problems writing, and grading can easily be done in between tasks. Even when checking the entire homework, it usually still takes less time than making homework as some assignments submitted are short. I just think overall this suggestion would slow down several things on the site.