Your comments

Yeah silver/grey is already the colour of illustrators on many WoX sites (and WoP EU), this might get confused with that and like Henry said, they might think it is another job

Do you mean 180, as 120 would have to get a new price given to it (as it isn't as simple as multiplying since 180 days of VIP is not 30 days x 6 )

The youth of today you mention is certainly not everyone (I say this as a 14 year old), so you cannot just make a rule based on the few, we may as well keep the protection. ^^

Call of Duty and Fortnite (which is a 12...) are also completely different to WoP/X, we are written RPG, they are video games

In your examples, you can write that your parents were killed by crucio until death, but there has to be a disclaimer, this is not just for children, it's for everyone, you do not know what goes on behind the screen and what triggers each individual person.

If you want to do topics involving death, sites such as WoGL, WoEC (16+), WoW, and other 15+ sites do allow these a bit more freely.

We used to have Go Fund Mes/other donation sites for each site (WoX), but they were removed ^^

Also to be honest, they may as well just buy more VIP if they are looking to donate (and if they cannot afford it, they may as well save money or use it on something else they can afford)

I think IG year is better than actual birthday, I know many people take time away from sites/ are less active during their birthday and so won't be able to use the VIP,and also sometimes people but the wrong date for IRL birthday and if they don't know/ask when the site has their birthday down, the VIP might pop up when they don't expect it and they might not be prepared, IG birthday can be seen by everyone and so people will most likely enjoy it. 

I mean it is only an hour, also it is much easier to just use google docs, It means that Dan doesn't have to add this feature for one, which will avoid sites breaking as they usually do with updates also WoP UK is a site on the older side, more than 3 years I'm pretty sure, this means that 3 years of ATs have been able to work without being able to access the forums while fainted ^^ And if you are an AT you are getting paid at the very least, 40 galleons, which is enough to get interest and food is not very expensive, you can easily have enough to not be fainted?

Also, the system used to report gradings is different for each site, so this won't effect everyone. But I definitely do get this feature in terms of other jobs such as Prefects, who are definitely unable to do work while fainted (as owls and topics are unable to be reached unless you have the Hospital Wing)


This is a bug not an idea and probably best to go to Garrett Marshall who can help you ^^

We do.... if someone is perma banned there is a reason behind it that requires them to be immediately removed from the site.

And again, "most" which doesn't account for all the people who might eventually come back.

Also the original post mentions about making the backstory team have an easier job... what about the prefects, if an account is deleted we cannot check anything, which means we have to assume they are using the right powers/whatever we need to check.

And having something in the settings will not help as I personally have never been to the settings tab on several sites because I do not need to, I would imagine the same be of other people

And what if it bugs and deletes other accounts, WoX breaks often and I don't think anyone would like an active account they were working on to be suddenly deleted?

Especially if you take in consideration the time to give the warning and take screenshots, is ample time for a person to edit a messgae and then the person who gave the warning gets in trouble