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While I agree with this entirely, don't me wrong, it has been declined multiple times before (due to so many accounts being made without the option) <3

You can see this by asking them! Or by scrolling down their page to see them going into clubs, also I would suggest extending your idea! <3

I'm going to take it that you meant not all sites allow special characters? (which I don't really see a reason for if I'm honest, unless it's to do with lore)

Or am I misunderstanding entirely?

Well, all MoMs/HMs can add it, they may just want you to pay, but at the end of the day, they all have the ability

Dashes are ones that cannot be added at all, special characters can be added if you mail the MoM/HM as they can add it for you

THIS. It would really help with double barrelled names, it would also save work for the MoMs since they don't have to spend the time explaining that it doesn't work. <33

You might be clicking twice accidentally in terms of the letters <3

Definitely this, if you want to know, feel free to ask them, they can check the mail ^^

Support Clubs are basically where people can rant and others support them

But yeah, I think the fact that they are just run by management is problematic but it is what it is

I think they mean stop them showing on your wall?

Especially because in terms of Support Clubs the title might be triggering