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Although some ads aren't based on that - such as horrific webtoons and explicit ones, you can report them if you don't want to see them as well!

Keep in mind all the staff this would need

You are not allowed a grad staff job on two WoPs at once... this means any grad staff on WoP ES would not be allowed to go to WoP LA and vice versa - considering the community is already small, I would highly suggest against this - this is probably the same reason WoP AU has been rejected, while time is a very very valid reason... logistics, money and other things come into play here and why add more to a list of struggling sites?

On WoX statuses tend to have either unlimited or X number of people can have it - maybe this should be added for the Animagus status if the site continues to offer every status

They aren't usually several years between them, all the places I'm on usually do them once or twice every IRL year?

Please contact Angela Blackbourn on site - I can get into the Mystery club, so it's not a site wide issue might be something to do with the code or whatever

It's been there for a while - before the new grading feature

Aren't the points we know from the books also given for homework/doing things in classes?

Also I've never actually seen a topic in which someone mentioned the points (even in canon, I cannot think of one person who said "I have XXX points")

Fn/Ctrl + F3 can help!

Detention is also a topic idea used by sites already (the rules are that only professors can give it so not to godmode) - also what would this feature actually do that can't be done in a topic, like is it a button you press and their FC has detention written on it in big red letters, does it get added in the status line?

SAAAAME and I made one with a rude title because I was a bit... impulsive