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This is also the same as topics, making them (reason for all the duplicates Prefects have to delete :x) and posting in them, you just have to be patient as it is usually wifi, pressing them again will not make it send faster

While I get this would be a good thing, having pets is beneficial as it gets you XP, you should have to work for it, remembering to check them and feed them frequently. If this happens I would be happy but I don't think it is needed, especially not as much as other things

On mobile you have to change page? Unless you mean desktop mode xD

^^ it's really just part of the fun, if the canaried person doesn't like it, I'm sure there will be admin around to mute them for an hour.

I would say both are xD because fleks enforce the rules in their admin panel, Backstory team do so in owls and by checking backstories, it may be because there are more fleks and therefore more people to have as backup?