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Avahrie 4 years ago updated by Maxi Olympotens 3 years ago 3

From what I understand, assistant teachers/their equivalent are only supposed to step in and be "admin" (for lack of a better term) when there's nobody else around. Which is fair. And I do remember reading that Prefects/equivalent and Backstory Team were both considered of higher authority of AT (although it's possible I'm remembering wrong)- whether I am or not Backstory are definitely more responsible for identifying issues and enforcing rules than ATs. So why is it that ATs have the chat cog for timeouts but Backstory doesn't?

Entirely out of curiosity- no hate of course! It just didn't make sense and I needed to ask c:


Hi ! First, I'd suggest you check your chat rules because it usually explicits how the "chat moderating hierarchy" goes. I don't know which site you are active on, but on all of mine, it goes as follows : staff > Prefects > ATs > other coloured users including Backstory Team > regular users. And only like once in 3 years has an AT had to delete chat messages, showing that the higher end of this chain is already super effective, with dozens of staffmembers + Prefects so always someone to watch out. 

ATs are given moderating powers just in case no actual moderator (staff/prefect) is available for an emergency. Moderation is not a main part of their job, unlike Prefects ; ATs are like a moderation backup, not supposed to use their powers unless there is a chat emergency and no one else is available. So yep, snowflakes have higher moderation powers & a higher place on the moderation hierarchy than blueberries. I hope this answered your question :D

Thanks for the answer! Although I did already know this :D I don't think my question is entirely clear. I'm not really asking who is higher in the chat order, I'm just asking why fleks are higher in the moderation hierarchy seeing as (in my understanding anyways) smurfs/blueberries are more responsible for enforcing rules than fleks are (in terms of their job duties).

I would say both are xD because fleks enforce the rules in their admin panel, Backstory team do so in owls and by checking backstories, it may be because there are more fleks and therefore more people to have as backup?