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I don't think it will be reconsidered after being declined, and even if there was a small fee... they might as well just pay the $3.49

Ah yes...this is a very common thing which I think the only way around it is to either edit in a external thing and paste it in...or just remove them all

Uhm,,,I'm a bit unsure but I do know that posts not sending but sending when you go back is a known glitch and is being worked on, you can always ask management to delete posts!

This always happens sadly, I'm not sure if it's a bug however D:

Still an issue yes D:

I still think the issue is that it's "99% of the time" there are still lots of situations that mean getting your account deleted is a horrible instance and unfair. 

One thing also, (apologises for not making it clear), was that I was student staff should the books wouldn't be changed, but I would still lose everything that I worked hard to the end of the day, I think this should be declined and not added to sites, there are  lot of things that could be added but not this, not an attack to all who agree with it, just my opinion

As you say "the majority of inactive accounts" which means there are some situations where this will not work.

I can already give a personal example:

I have been on a site since launch (28th October or maybe September...) and am still not level 10, if I suddenly had to leave the site for a long amount of time I would lose all the money I have worked for (as I am staff) and any other interactions that I may have made, and I assume the same can be said about many other people.

I do not feel this idea should be done as while everyone has made good points, we cannot foresee every single situation, especially since WoX isn't exactly compatible with many parents which can cause people to leave suddenly and not return for a while.

You can do so on external social media?

Also it can be confusing if a staff member leaves "away" on and someone lower in the hierarchy sees an issue in chat

This is something that has been complained about/mentioned multiple times, everyone who needs to be is aware ^^