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You do realise that management can see your email anyway?

Most sites do have you send applications on site it's just WoP and WoO that do this really

I'm not sure this will be a whole WoX/P site rule, it's up to the MoM of the respective site to come up with rules for this and does depend on site activity (usually people make new characters for different jobs anyway however with some jobs it is allowed to have multiple on one- not with normal jobs like Journalist and Librarian but more like Management + Teacher)

Also was there really a need to mention gradings being slower? 

It is also kind of up to the person in question to judge for themselves how many jobs they can handle (a lot of sites have the two job per person limit to be fair) - if they feel they can have 3, wonderful! If they are slacking and get warnings, that's on them for bad judgement

Noone said we should shun the idea for wallposts?

I did say it could be *needed for comments and just offered an alternative really?

Also if the replies look like this, all it does is a slight shift to the right, this would still be quite easily missable!

^^ Tagging exists for a reason, however I guess it might be eneded for comments? (Although you can just... mention their name)

The thing about other users being in topics would also help Prefects with mails - we only have to click one of the names and we get an entire list!

There are many ways to personalise homework, none of which really include/depend on adding the person's name:

Well done Meforever1990 for your homework, you got Outstanding and did everything asked of you - keep it up!

Example 2:
I love your work, you're an amazing writer, I can't believe you were daring enough to actually steal sweets from the Headmistress (good thing CCTV doesn't work around magic :p)

One of these is obviously better: If you think the first one is, maybe you need to take a look at what you consider personalised, in the context of grading. Also, you don't need it? If someone is doing troll pieces of work, it just means that the whole site is privy to this sort of information instead of staying within staff or even just grad staff

I mean this Other option will still be declined for the same reasons? It's not the title that is the issue but I do see the point D:

Use another browser or incognito or clear your cache

There is a rule on World of Olympians about going to Camp Jupiter anyway - we can't :)

Did you have VIP when you used these?