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Simple - age changes are done for a number of reasons - for grad staff jobs (most people tend to make it work), for site rules (if they want to date another person), and for others

If someone was in stasis at 11 and did all 7 IG years of exams - would this suddenly be allowed?
If the MoM/HM were to give them a year each time to keep it realistic - haven't they wasted money? 

Age changes are needed, stasis is a want

How would you justify that IG?

If everyone around you suddenly became older when you came back - if you had topics, plots, etc

This is a really cool feature - but you could just put the pet in the kennel! 

Also on some sites you can still RP with the pet even if it runs away!

Article comments dont ignore html though 

I suppose this depends on whether each site ia able to choose the amount of achievements they have, because if its a +3 to one site, add 3 to everyone else this wont work as not every site has catastrophes

Five minutes is more than enough, maybe ten at a max, one day is way too much, like Drew said, read over assignments before sending them in, you have 10 weeks to do them anyway, and of course after exam week you get another 10,and more, so you have quite a bit of time to revise it anyway.

I would also imagine you are writing homework assignments when you are free? I understand everyones situations are different but even if you have things to do, you can still check over homework it doesnt need to take a day, and one bad grade isnt really anything bad! 

The same with articles please, as a CE i would love to see who read the articles but may not have had the time/energy to comment! 

I don't think this will work really, you can always mail people as everyone is there to RP in theory! And the owl pal isn't needed as staff are always available to answer questions!

If you don't have coins in your hand, you don't get charged