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You have to pay to feed them, they don't always get fed ^^

They had a Alchemist one quite recently ^^

Which World of Potter is this, because there has been one on WoP UK, EU and US recently?? But yeah, it gets posted on either the notice board or the event board! And it is usually done every year (like Drew said, people like to use the anniversary as a time to do it)

No, the wall you post on has to be VIP

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think WoP is saying that from now on pets are automatically cuddled, I guess we shall see if they appear happy from now on!

What if someone wants to stack VIP and gift more? There's no need for it to be removed 

I don't think this needs to be changed, there is a tutorial when you first go to grade, so there is no need^^

What specifically do you mean, as we can be sent to topics, articles, books, did you want stuff such as backstories/profile texts, or grading homework (to the grade welcome page obviously) please be specific ^^

This isn't a bug however, this is how the site should function?

If you are trying to say this should be changed, please take it to Ideas section! ^^