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We also have to remain respectful of people's triggers, the rules won't stop things if they won't possibly trigger users (for example if someone was triggered by the word "banana" I would stop using the word around them but it wouldn't be made into a rule compared to stuff like self-harm, mental disorders, etc)
You can talk about SO many topics, some sites have chats that never stop moving so we obviously have topics that people manage to talk about

As Drew said above, 13 is still quite young, your brain stops developing at 25

I feel like statuses are all individual even on WoP (like Werewolf is allowed on WoP UK but not WoP US last time I checked) so it may be better to go to the MoM?

This is technically the job of the MoM/HM to step in if management are busy, or sometimes someone else in the management may cover for them (mainly due to the fact that to fully step in you need to be permitted access to admin (and for WoO, you would need access to godly parents)). There are also team leaders within house teams who help with the running of the house! 

Not everyone has to give feedback by the way, it is the choice of the leader!

I completely disagree with this idea

When you delete an account, you cannot get anything back, if the person worked hard for a load of money on would be gone, all their mails, gone, I'm sure you get the idea, people also use fake emails sometimes so how will they be informed??

Also, as was said above, people take a break whether they are able to tell the site or not and I think it shouldn't be done unless the person has explicitly said "Can you delete my account?"

It would also give more work to the MoMs/HMs of sites, especially if they need to check messages on walls, who probably don't need more work on top of everything else.

It's a wonderful idea in theory in terms of server capacity, but I don't think it should happen due to the hundreds of scenarios where this could turn out badly

You would really just leave the account if it got too old, permadeath isn't permitted on many sites so while it's logical, it wouldn't be stated to happen like that

And also there are many sites with people who are over 60 xD WoMF WoFD and WoO for examples

This depends on the site really, I would suggest mailing the MoM and seeing what they say!

This would be a great feature yes! And I would absolutely appreciate if it was added, but for anyone currently struggling, I would suggest writing topics in places such as Google docs, where things save automatically! 

I really don't see a need for this, so what if people can see what you are stalking? It won't exactly disturb you reading, yes people might ping and say "I see you reading my topic" or "I see XXX" but it doesn't have much significance 

Also I use this feature sometimes to better see troublesome topics straight away from the map

This is actually a really, really good idea! 

The only issue is it could possibly make stores redundant if people sell things at lower prices, it could cause competition (like stores in real life have), and general unfriendliness

Also, it could stop people doing homework and grading (which many sites already struggle with) as they are the two primary sources of getting money.