To be able to reply to peoples comments in the chat or on wallposts

Ameliana 3 years ago updated by Vita Auden 3 years ago 8

DEscription in topic

it seems weird to do that in chat, as you can just talk to people directly.


^^ Tagging exists for a reason, however I guess it might be eneded for comments? (Although you can just... mention their name)

but isn't it easier to directly reply? When there is multiple comments on a popular wallpost I agree with Ameliana and I think that it would be easier to just see a direct reply and not have to fish for it and possibly miss it.

Why are you talking about wallposts? We were saying it doesn't make sense for chat.

The actual post specified chat and wallposts. It may not be a necessary feature for chat, but that doesn't mean we should shun the idea entirely :P

Noone said we should shun the idea for wallposts?

I did say it could be *needed for comments and just offered an alternative really?

Also if the replies look like this, all it does is a slight shift to the right, this would still be quite easily missable!

I'm talking about wallposts because while nobody mentioned it, it is still a part of the suggestion so I'm expressing my interest in the catagory.


The way your comment was written made it seem like you questioned why it was shut down.