On-site job application inbox

Marylin Collester 3 years ago updated by Maxi Olympotens 3 years ago 3

It would be neat if the job application feature was moved to the site instead of relying on an external e-mail service.

Since it could be an inconvenience having the applications sent as owls (if there is a change of team leader), perhaps a system similar to homework submission could be implemented. It could also be some kind of application sent to the team clubs.

In this way, you would not have to reveal your e-mail address. Leaders would also not have to check an external page to check if there are any new applications. Perhaps they could even get a notification from this new application system.

You do realise that management can see your email anyway?

Most sites do have you send applications on site it's just WoP and WoO that do this really

I sure do, yet I suppose the management do not look at one's e-mail unless necessary.

That's true to be fair - although some management abuse their powers D: