List of Topics

Laurence Allwine 3 years ago updated by Maxi Olympotens 3 years ago 1

One of the main aspects of WoP is roleplaying and people not only like to write topics, but also read them. It's a fascinating and great way to explore characters and develop their story further.

There already are lots of people who add their topics in their profile texts or backstories, because those have every right to be shown off. It also helps a lot to get to know characters by reading topics, which in turn helps developing more stories and more topics.

In order to display those topics more easily and for everyone, there should be a new tab called 'Topics', which automatically shows which topics the user participated in and holds a direct link as well. It could be added as a new tab to the user menu on their wall: 

Image 421

Of course the user themselves should also have an option to 'hide' a topic, if they're not comfortable with displaying it so openly. Maybe it could also show, which other users participated in which topic.

This would also help a lot with keeping a list of your own topics, especially when you've unsubscribed from your topics by accident. This feature would benefit everyone, writers and readers all the same.


The thing about other users being in topics would also help Prefects with mails - we only have to click one of the names and we get an entire list!